2020 Christmas Gift/Toy Request
** November 01 - December 14 ** 
BIRTH CERTIFICATES OR GUARDIANSHIP FORM IS REQUIRED. Children are required to attend to receive a gift. Are the children available to attend on Saturday, December 19, 2020?
Do you receive EBT/SNAP (food stamps), CAPS (childcare and parent services), Foster Care Placement, Medicaid (for a child), SSI/DISABILITY (for a child), or TANF/TANF Assistance?
Are any children in the household ages 13-18?
How many children currently live with you (ages 0-18)?
YOU UNDERSTAND & AGREE THAT GIFTS ARE (a) NOT guaranteed for every child (b) Given based on quantity & types received & are subject to replacement based on inventory (c) Accepted in good faith holding FGF & it's donors/partners harmless against use (d) By approval & given pick up details by 12/14 (e) Forfeited for incorrect contact, claiming non-receipt of pick up details, or not picking up gifts
Are you also requesting an Emergency Food Box?

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